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 In addition to my previous post, I have also posted something on get up dread up. I was mostly interested in getting some tips about maintenance, but was straight up told to look at the memories. Fuck i don't want to look it up, just asked for some any tips, damn. 

Two boo boos

 I elegantly smashed my left index finger in my vault at work. It hurt so bad, but we got it to stop bleeding. Then, this morning I was rescuing Monty (cat) from Emma (dog), and Monty scratched the shit out of my arm. It wasn't even a  normal cat scratch, he sliced my skin, so now I have a flap hanging off. Gross. 

Anyways, I washed my dreads for the first time. It felt so nice after.   : )
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 It is freaking the shit out of me. I have realized how old I am and how I need to get my life on track. 
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